Alesca Audio Fidelity

A studio for a new generation of lifestyle products for the highest demands.

In the “Audio” section at ALESCA you will find the holy grail for spirit and soul in terms of sound quality and design – music enjoyment for pure emotions and goosebumps.

In the “Lifestyle” area, ALESCA offers exclusive products for furnishing living areas, kitchens and bathrooms. The noble products made of carbon give your living space a unique and atmospheric ambience.

«Forget what you know or thought you knew about high-end audio. The term “high-end” is used far too often these days for marketing purposes without explaining what high-end audio really is and what it means.»

Alessandro Calo

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Alessnadro Calo

My name is Alessandro Calo and since my youth, I have been passionate about high-end audio systems and related technology for music.

High-End Audio

is the Formula 1 of the high-fidelity audio world!


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