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Interview with Marcel Munz from Mutrea

Interview with Marcel Munz from Mutrea

An artistic journey

Born in 1986 in the picturesque town of Schaffhausen in Switzerland, he is an artist who grew up in an environment characterised by music and creativity. Early on he came into contact with a variety of musical instruments, which awakened his curiosity and love of experimentation.

His musical journey took him to over 1000 concerts around the world, where he gained a firm place in the music scene. After intensive drum studies in Paris, he performed in the final of the prestigious V-Drum World Championship in Los Angeles in 2012, where he proudly represented the Roland drum brand. Over the years, he has shared the stage with talented artists such as Damian Lynn, both support acts for world stars such as Justin Bieber, Nelly Furtado, Norah Jones, Stefanie Heinzmann and Brian Adams. Marcel Munz's artistic streak was inspired and shaped by his grandmother, a talented painter.

In 2020, his creative side came to full fruition when he developed the vision of transforming music into abstract works of art. This is how MUTREA was born, an innovative art concept that shows the connection between music and art in a unique way. His art is created in a fascinating process in which the music flows through his body and he transfers the rhythm to the canvas with his hands. The resulting works are an expression of his innermost feelings and thoughts, a harmonious fusion of sound and colour that captivates the viewer.

The artworks of Marcel Munz, better known as MUTREA, touch and enchant people all over the world. Owning a MUTREA painting is not only the acquisition of a work of art, but also an invitation to a journey into the world of emotions and fantasy.

Marcel Munz's mission as an artist is to blur the boundaries between music and art and to inspire and enrich the world with his works. Every pigment powder spread and every beat on the drums is an expression of his passion and joie de vivre and invites people to accompany him on this fascinating artistic journey. Welcome to the world of MUTREA, where music and art merge into a harmonious unity.

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